Airtable, an assistant in state and public administration

Author: Ing. Martin Hrnko, MBA, PMP

Have you ever heard of the handy helper Airtable? It handles every administrative obstacle with ease and perfectly connects corporate environments with its almost endless functions.

Airtable is an online platform and database management tool that combines the features of a spreadsheet with collaboration and data organization capabilities. It is a flexible tool that allows users to create and manage their own databases without the need for programming.

Airtable provides users with an environment with a transparent tabular structure, similar to spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. However, Airtable is much more than just a spreadsheet. Each cell in a table can contain text, numbers, dates, attachments, links, and even relationships between other tables. This allows users to create robust databases with lots of information and interconnections.

Airtable Help also offers various functions and tools for filtering, sorting and visualizing data. Users can add notes, assign tasks, track time data, and add different types of data views.

At the same time, Airtable is able to integrate with various other tools and services using APIs, which allows you to automate processes and synchronize data with other applications.

This flexibility and customization make Airtable a popular tool for many people and organizations who need to effectively manage and organize their data. It is used for a variety of purposes, including project management, inventory tracking, customer relationship management, and other similar tasks.

Entrepreneurs, state administration, households largely use Microsoft Excel tools, or Google Sheets for solving a number of common tasks for which paper is not enough, on the other hand, the given agenda is not possible, or mainly effective, solve in a commercial tool such as SAP, Navision and the like. This is where a no-code platform comes in, such as Airtable, through which it is possible to create shared applications in many areas.

In simple terms, we can say that Airtable can be used in all areas in which client organizations use MS Excel, Google Sheets and similar programs.

In state and public administration, the Airtable tool can be used to solve the following agenda:

  • Project management: Airtable allows you to create and manage projects and their data in a structured form. It can be used to track tasks, assign responsibilities, track project progress, and communicate between team members.

  • Contact management: Many institutions in government have a large number of contacts, including citizens, partners, employees and others. Airtable can serve as a central repository for managing contacts, allowing you to add and update information, sort them by various criteria, and track communications with them.

  • Event and Meeting Management: For organizing meetings, events and happenings, Airtable can provide a clear calendar view. It can record dates, places, people involved and other details, making planning and coordination easier.

  • Document management: Airtable allows you to add attachments and links to each record. Within the state administration, it can serve as a central repository for documents, forms, files and links to various information sources.

  • Managing Questionnaires and Surveys: Airtable can be used to create and manage questionnaires and surveys. It allows you to create forms, collect responses, evaluate data and generate summarized results.

  • Case and request management: In the event that the government receives a large number of requests, complaints or other cases, Airtable can serve as a tool for managing these records. It allows you to assign cases, track their status, add notes and manage communication with affected persons.

For organizations, a simple application environment such as Airtable may not be a suitable and effective way to implement in the organization. However, companies that specialize in implementing software solutions through no code platforms can help with the entire process. The company that can effectively help you in this area is MH THREE TECHNOLOGIES, s.r.o. .

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