We will help you with your IT project

Our team of professionals, internal and external collaborators, will be happy to help you with your IT project. From the analysis of possible solutions, through the implementation proposal and the actual implementation of the project to its subsequent support and further development.

Our services.

Our services are aimed at developing software applications and supporting our or your innovative products and services.


Your app from scratch

We can analyse your requirements, research the competition, design an optimal solution, prepare the assignment, program, test, document and further support your application after launch. Or we arrange any stage of software project implementation for you.


Migration from SAP R3 to S/4HANA

Forget about old procedures. With our experienced experts and advanced tools, you will achieve a seamless and fast migration. Enhance the competitiveness of your business with modern tools and analytical capabilities that will propel you forward.


The design of your app

We will suggest the most technically appropriate way to implement your software solution, from the idea or concept to the architecture you can assign to the implementation team.



Even complex and intricate information systems can be effectively implemented using technologies that help eliminate massive programming and enable a focus on what matters most – process optimization, efficient data processing, and seamless application integration. We'd be delighted to share more about this platform and its potential for your business during a face-to-face or online meeting.



Airtable empowers any team, regardless of their technical skills, to build applications based on shared data, thus enhancing their workflows. Whether it's a small or large team, each has its established practices, which might currently rely on paper or various software applications. Airtable enables virtually anyone to create an application tailored for their company or work team, fostering efficient communication among multiple team members.



Unlock your potential with our specialized workshops in the fields of IT, marketing, and European funds. Immerse yourself in inspiration and learn the latest trends and proven practices from our experienced experts. Acquire practical know-how that will propel your career or business to new heights. With our interactive and customizable workshops, you have the opportunity to gain tangible added value for yourself or your company.


Our team is there for you

We will find suitable candidates, or we will provide ours with such a level of knowledge and experience that enable the implementation of your project in the required quality, deadline, and budget. We work with partners from Slovakia, Ukraine, Albania and other EU countries to provide you with the best possible solutions for your business.


IT Support

Our experts in IT services are here to ensure the smooth operation of your IT environment, whether it's operational support, performance optimization, or data security.



Unleash your potential with our expert workshops in IT, marketing, and Eurofunds in collaboration with FIIT ACADEMY! Get inspired and learn the latest trends and best practices from our experienced professionals. Acquire practical know-how that will help propel your career or business to new heights.


European Funds

Our European funds advisory service will open doors to opportunities that enable you to bring your projects to life. With our experienced advisors, you'll have access to expertise and guidance that will help you navigate the world of European funds. Let us take on the complex process of application and handling, so you can fully focus on achieving your goals. European funds pave the way for new avenues of growth and innovation.


Project management

Entrust your projects to the safe hands of our project managers. From planning to management and evaluation, our experts handle every step of your projects with precision and professionalism. Let us ensure the efficient use of resources, deadlines and goals, so you can focus on creativity and growth.


Enterprise Architecture

We will help you create and optimize comprehensive solutions, ensuring the improvement of business processes, information systems, and technological infrastructure. With our enterprise architecture, you will achieve an efficient, agile, and secure environment that enhances your competitiveness. Boost your company's performance and step with us towards digital success!


Digital Currencies

CBDC, or Central Bank Digital Currency, represents the digital form of a country's official currency, with its value tied to the national currency. Digital euro is an electronic form of the euro stored on digital devices, such as smartphones or digital wallets. Are you planning a CBDC project? We will assist you with everything from overview and assessment of current states to solutions and supplier procurement.


Easy Project

With Easy Project, project management is a breeze! We provide intuitive tools that enable easy planning, tracking, and project management. Take control of all aspects of your project without unnecessary complexity. We'll handle the implementation of Easy Project in your company. We'll come, propose, deploy, train, and fine-tune.


We will advise you

Preparation of tender documentation for public or private tenders. Preparation of the offer. Support during the selection process. Support during project implementation. Project management of a software development project. Testing strategies and procedures. Everything for your project to be successful.

Good Governance Consulting Services

We are providing Good Governance Consulting Services for Central and Southeast European public sector clients, with an immense attention to the emerging markets of the Balkan Region. 

Working experiences: 

  • Czech Republic

  • Slovak Republic

  • Hungary

  • Romania

  • Republic of Serbia 

Key competences:

  • 20+ years of executive leadership and management experiences on the Central and Southeast European public sector IT market.

  • Address challenges and design the best possible solutions driven by ultimate time and cost efficiency.

  • Deliver studies and applying technical blueprints to achieve best value for money empowered by the latest communication technologies.

Core professional areas: 

  • State budgetary management and information systems.

  • State treasury account management systems.

  • Public administration workflows (European Union Nomenclature Units of Territorial Statistics -NUTS III-IV levels).

  • Application information and management systems of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NUTS I.-III. levels). 

  • Real-time data-driven GIS systems of natural resources (NUTS II. levels, interstate).

Current focus: 

  • Application service provider systems to improve public administration workflows.

  • Citizens' electronic payments of taxes and public utility fees. 

  • Harmonize data availability with next generation enterprise solutions for public transport, route management and utility companies.   

  • Connect The Balkan to the global digital economy (education, knowledge and technology transfer).

  • AI-driven irrigation information systems to reduce the burden of the climate change in the agro-environmental economy.


Our experience.

The experience of our experts is here for you.

Our colleagues have certificates:

  • OMG Certified UML Professional

  • Oracle Certified Professional JAVA Programmer

  • Oracle XML

  • Oracle SQL Tuning

  • Prince 2

  • Project Management Professional

We master technologies:

  • UML

  • Oracle database and application server


  • JAVA

  • JavaScript, ReactJS

  • SAP Data Services


  • Programming for iOS, Android

  • Low-code, no-code, Airtable

We have experience from the following projects:

  • Analysis, design, programming, and support of information systems for public finance management.

  • Analysis, design, programming, and support of information systems for electronic cash registers.

  • Implementation of projects with a focus on unique product identification.

  • Mobile applications from the area of multimedia, sales records and healthcare.

Three reasons why to choose us:

  • We work for your success.

  • Our experience is here for you.

  • We are not afraid of any challenge.

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