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Next Generation Enterprise Solution for private and public companies to lead everyday’s IT with the combination of standard resource planning solutions, AI and low-coded platform.

Key features and benefits:

  • Ultra rapid development and customization of enterprise IT procedures.

  • Covers all key operations with ultimate cost and time efficiency.

  • Provides client satisfaction to address universal solution upon yet unsolved customer needs.

  • Facilitates radical reduction of fixed corporate IT costs, mitigation of operator dependency, and technical staff gaps.

  • Executes inter-organizational change requests with ultra high efficiency,  and full automation of maintenance.

  • Proven reduced document processing time (by 80%), document delivery and storage costs (by 90%), and time of employment procedures (by 75%). 

  • Proven customer satisfaction in the energy, telecommunication and  banking industries. 

  • European success stories: public utility operator of more than 1,2 million customers, telecommunication company with over 25 million clients, industrial holding with over 2.000 employees, a deposit guarantee fund with 34 departments in 11 regions. 



E-payment system of local taxes, fees, public utilities (where providers are controlled locally). This is empowered by strategic partnership with the known global bank card companies.

Key features and benefits:

  • First of its kind Citizens’ Payment System in Europe specialized to tax liabilities, public fees and services including public utilities, due by natural or legal persons.

  • Recently, 1,9 M recurring users on a daily basis, over 4 million transactions in an overall volume as of EUR 372M+ only in 2023.

  • Executes payments of any VISA, VISA Electron MasterCard or Maestro debit / credit cards issued worldwide.

  • Guards ultra high security based on the 3Dsecure standard.

  • Ensures delivery of the proceeds collected in the State Treasury accounts of the mayoralty within the time limits provided by substantive laws and / or T&Cs. 



A community builder social technology to drive joint actions for the benefit of health, culture, after-school and self-education, and preserved environment of local communities.

Key features and benefits:

  • Enables all generations’ well-being in communities where their voice is heard.

  • Mitigates age diversity gaps and accelerates citizens' access to better social services.

  • Connects citizens to the public services and servants to lead joint efforts in the creation of a unique place to live, work and recreate.

  • Gamification platforms to activate the elderly care, life-long learning, preventive climate-change actions of the youth.

  • Grants wide access to international social responsibility education contents.

  • Provides collaborative platform to well-maintain public properties and green spaces, consume water responsibly and preserve biodiversity.  



A business intelligence and advanced data visualization meta-ware for public authorities driven by satellite data (ESA Landsat 8, imagery with Sentinel 2.).

Key features and benefits:

  • Public administration workflow complying with EC requirements and all international QMS standards.

  • Inter-organizational clusters for data sharing, automation of primary document processing and overall DMS, task assignment and follow-up.

  • INDECO SOFT map architecture, urban heat and rehabilitation monitoring, POI-oriented property and investment management.

  • Destination management to lead 21st century tourism.

  • Public transport information and regional e-ticketing, e-payment of parking fees.

  • Remote elderly care.

  • Advanced social-economics and climate change statistics, AI-driven reporting.

  • Unlimited integration of 3rd party ERPs and public workflows, systems, local sites, databases (including real-time sensor data), PM applications, computer-aided design solutions.

  • Concession management, including but not limited to monitoring of public service efficacy, and user-experienced public utility fee collector.



EXPORTERRA's export support platform simplifies the export process and offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize it according to your requirements.

Key features and benefits:

  • Provides the latest information and insights for companies interested in export activities.

  • Current data on market trends, financing opportunities, and government support.

  • Contact information for all representative offices in all countries abroad, all consolidated in one powerful mobile application.

  • EXPORTERRA is a companion to make international trade not only manageable but also highly efficient.