No-Code vs. Low-Code

Author: Alica Bandžáková

Low code or no code? If you are confused about it too, take a look with us at their differences.

Innovative technologies such as No-Code and Low-Code are coming to the scene and becoming increasingly popular among developers and entrepreneurs. In this article, we will take a closer look at these technologies, introduce their advantages, and show you how they can help solve various business problems.


What is No-Code actually? It is a programming platform that helps even less technically savvy users create applications. Such a programming platform uses visual and developmental interfaces, and generally has pre-designed templates that companies or even regular users can use to create their own applications. No-Code platform, a platform without programming code, does not require any technical codes necessary for creating new applications to be entered. No-Code development platforms are closely related to Low-Code development platforms, both designed to speed up the application development process.


Low-Code is also a programming platform that requires minimal coding or none at all. It is suitable for users without advanced coding knowledge. You do not need knowledge of complex programming languages to use it; you can use various graphic interfaces with basic logic to create applications.

These development platforms are designed so that every user can create their own application suitable for them. No-Code platforms are more convenient and easier to use than Low-Code platforms. You can easily and quickly create any application without waiting for any IT specialist. This style of platform is more suitable for teams with specialized requirements and a precisely defined scope. On the other hand, Low-Code is more adaptable, somewhere between standard coding and no-coding. Both programming platforms provide users with the best of both worlds.

Both programming platforms provide users with the best of both worlds.

We recommend Airtable as a No-Code platform, which we also use ourselves. It is easy to understand, fast, and ideal for the corporate environment. You can have all your business processes in one place, create various tables, schedules, assign tasks, and monitor your employees' work. Everything can be created using a variety of templates that you can customize to your needs.

Nectain is a similar platform to Airtable that uses Low-Code technology. You can also create an ideal online business environment for all your business processes. Thanks to the Low-Code platform, Nectain is more adaptable and can be designed precisely according to your ideas.

If you are interested in No-Code and Low-Code platforms, do not hesitate to contact us with a proposal for an application suitable for you. We will be happy to implement a pilot solution for your private application.